A new year sees a refresh of this blog by removing the past content for the time being, and by applying a simple theme.

The original purpose of this blog was to write, as it was for all blogs. They were focused in the days of blogger, a few simple themes with a focus being on the material read.

Whilst there is an important emphasis on beauty and design in most blogs that remain today, a number have lost sight of their original intent – writing.

This has happened in journals too. People get side-tracked by focusing on design. Some involve artistic flare; it is good to be creative. Nevertheless, when you lose the focus of your core intent, then something has gone seriously awry.

With a new year commencing, perhaps it is time to review what your original purpose was in some aspect of your life. If so, perhaps there is a way you can keep it simple and get back to your core.

In essence, most businesses have this problem too. More menu items, more options, more new widgets or features or services. Most of the time, getting back to a focus on the basics will help you to dramatically.

So, with a new and simple blog, perhaps I will use it to write more. And if anyone happens to stumble upon this, perhaps you will look beyond the simplicity of the design and focus on the content created.