Rebuilding from zero

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Dear friends,

This year has been an interesting one to say the least.

Prior to the start of it, I had been through a pretty tumultuous 18 months or so. I resigned from a job effective immediately back in 2018 after my interim manager told me that ‘God was telling him I should resign’ and then proceeded to threaten me with performance management the next day. This, despite my responding to all his objections re: performance with documentation and related evidence to the contrary. It seems the powers that be wanted me gone.

I left the next day for a pre-planned holiday where I proposed in Rome, came back and started a new job that I acquired almost immediately. Four months later, I resigned from that role after finding out about the owner’s prior criminal convictions. This, despite having been promoted within the first eight weeks.

Having a second trip planned from June – August where I was to complete the Camino de Santiago, I picked up some casual labouring work in May 2019 to get me through until my trip, with the intention of picking up full-time work after my return. Unfortunately, my Mum was diagnosed with cancer, resulting in my having to quit my job and travelling interstate to support her until her passing.

This combination of events effectively broke me, and after a few months of grieving and recovering I dusted myself off. I was able to finally get on to Newstart with Centrelink, which previously had been denied to me on the basis that I had not provided information about a non-existent bank account that was on their record from 15 years ago. I had to get the bank to provide documentation that they had no record of the account ever existing before Centrelink approved my application after several attempts. Overcoming that hurdle, my intention was to start my own business via the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) program. I enrolled into that and completed the study program, and also enrolled in a YB12 Classic Coach program (which I am still undertaking), whilst preparing to launch my services to assist some of my former franchisees that had since left their franchise agreements to go independent.

Then coronavirus happened. This saw all of the potential clients I had lined up forced to close their business operations entirely due to the shutdown restrictions. I made the decision (with support from my NEIS provider) to delay launching my business until after business operations are allowed to return to normal later in the year.

In order to pass the time, I picked up some volunteer work with Vinnies, which has been good. There may be a possibility to pick up some full-time paid work with them down the track, but right now the prospects of paid employment with them are limited.

So this means that I am effectively starting over in my career, or rebuilding from zero. I still have my experience, a number of good people willing to be referees for me, and a reliable employment history prior to the last 18 months. That said, it is a challenge to start over, particularly with the current economic circumstances as a result of this Coronavirus pandemic.

I’ve taken a number of steps to recover from my grief, from some personal health issues that I was diagnosed with last year and to start rebuilding my career. I thought I would share the progress I make and the tips I have learned along the way here. No doubt there are others out there that may benefit from this, as in my own immediate circles I know people who have had long-term unemployment, people that have lost their job in the current crisis, and people struggling to make a way through the challenges they face. These people are looking for hope and inspiration. I do not profess to provide this, but rather to document my own experiences in the hope that they may be of some value to others looking for ideas on how to start taking steps to rebuild their lives also.

Success or failure will only be determined in time. Feel free to follow along on the journey or to connect.

Pax Christi.



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