My Story

I am just a normal, everyday individual. That’s it! Although I may be young I have gained a lot of experience along the way, and have accomplished a number of tasks while learning a number of skills.

Here is a list of some of the things that I have completed in my life to date:

  • Conquered depression: After being a successful student in high school, I became depressed failing to see the long-term goals of what I was doing. A number of things led me into depression which caused me to drop out of school, however I conquered depression and have since found my way back to the path I was originally working towards.
  • Widely read and educated: I have read circa 100 books on personal finance, business, personal growth and entrepreneurship. I have also undertaken various certificates and courses in Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance for Small Businesses, Accounting, System Development, etc. This, along with my continual self-education allows me to continue to bring this blog and other ventures I am involved in the best and most recent knowledge available.
  • Gained control of my finances: This included reigning in expenses to match my income (which dropped significantly upon returning to university), getting a new job and promotions to increase my income, budgeting, etc.
  • Started Saving: I built up a solid emergency fund on a student income, and am continuing to increase this amount daily.
  • Increased my income: Although study takes a lot of my time, I have managed to increase my income to a point where it is now at a level much closer to what I was earning when working full time, prior to returning to study.
  • Developed systems to increase my work output: Using the 80/20 Principle, some techniques from getting things done and further techniques from books and mentors.
  • Started setting goals: I regularly communicate with a mentor who gives me feedback on my goals and objectives. Setting goals has allowed me to gain focus in what I am doing.
  • Quit Smoking: This was a bad habit that was starting to get a big hold on me. I was going through several packets a week and have managed to stop altogether now… and remain off them.
  • Started exercising: As an ectomorph body type, I have trouble gaining muscle and have always been deemed fairly skinny. Unfortunately my belly was beginning to get a bit bigger. I have started working on exercising on a regular basis and am seeing gradual results.

I have been able to achieve these successes and am continuing to add more daily. 

All of these were achieved by starting small, taking one day at a time and doing the best I could to achieve and persist until reaching the destination. 

I have however, had my fair share of mistakes and learning.

If you would like to achieve similar results without having to spend as much time as I have learning, reading, making mistakes, asking people for advice, etc. 

Then subscribe to be kept in the loop and to join me on the journey. 

Together we can achieve goals that were once only a pipe dream!


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