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  • 6 – Fasting

    Fasting is something not done too often nowadays, especially when compared to prior generations of Christianity. I envisage that most of the problems regarding meat consumption in the world could be resolved by a return to traditional Catholic fasting, as opposed to most of the other solutions proposed by the world today. Nevertheless, the Catholic […]

  • 5 – Prayer: A Short Road to Perfection

    After talking about almsgiving, Jesus talks about prayer and gives his disciples the Our Father. A prayer rule is something that can help Christians to have focus throughout their day, and to help them structure their prayer life so as to maintain a focus on God. there have been many different prayer rules throughout the […]

  • 4 – Almsgiving

    Bishop Barron often tells a story (the full details of which I forget) that goes something as follows: A man came to a Priest to ask how he could start to live the Catholic life. The priest thought about it and then responded, “Give alms”. This might seem like a random suggestion and a practical […]

  • 3 – Offline

    We are in a world that is increasingly online. More and more activity. One quote you often hear without a source is that most people receive more information in one day now than people received in a lifetime 100 years ago. That is definitely false, but it is a good cause for reflection. Recent information […]

  • 2 – Focus

    Don’t try to do everything. Don’t get distracted by the things everyone else does. Focus. Single-task. Do less. Deliver quality rather than quantity. And achieve more.

  • Simple

    A new year sees a refresh of this blog by removing the past content for the time being, and by applying a simple theme. The original purpose of this blog was to write, as it was for all blogs. They were focused in the days of blogger, a few simple themes with a focus being […]