30 days to reaching your potential day 28: start small

There are lots of little things you can do today to begin building momentum in areas of your life.

I am an avid fan of Neil Strauss and his books, and at the start of this month received an email from him about sub-resolutions. These sub-resolutions were a list of little things you could do to ensure that you get a long-term benefit without taking too much time. Some of these included things such as ‘Register your full name as a domain name’, ‘ Get or renew your passport’, ‘Get business cards’ and more. I recommend reading the whole list and taking action on them. You can view them here.

No matter where we are currently at we all have a project we would like to accomplish. This might be building our own website, starting a new study course (degree, diploma, etc), buying that engagement ring you want to get your true love, starting a business, etc. Whatever it is, it can usually be started very simply.

Let’s look at the above examples. Building your own website takes time but can you can start the journey by finding out how to buy a domain name and purchasing one. Starting a study course begins with finding out what you want to study and making some inquiries. Buying an engagement ring begins with finding a ring and beginning to save for it (and maybe putting it on layby so that no one else grabs it). Starting a new business begins with having an idea and getting an Australian Business Number (ABN). Any accomplishment has lots of little actions that are really simple but need to be accomplished to reach the long term vision.

An example of this from my own life is as follows: I have never been a good swimmer. Although I have had to overcome a lot of fear and apprehension around water I have finally decided to do something about it. The vision is to be able to swim well. It began by making some inquiries and booking some technique improvement lessons at the local pool.

No doubt you have dreams that you want to accomplish. Some of them may have been put down at the start of the series, others may have seemed as though they were not plausible for you this year. If the latter is the case it could be because you are looking at the big picture rather than breaking the journey down into small actionable steps such as making a phone call today that will begin the momentum that will help to achieve the long term goal. Today you can change that.

  1. Read the sub-resolutions by Neil Strauss. Have a look at these items and how they fit into the long term picture of goals (health, online presence, travel, etc.).
  2. Acknowledge that each of the days in this 30 days series has been designed to help you take little actions towards bigger character traits (improving your social life, health, savings, organisation, etc.).
  3. Have a look at the big things you would like to achieve in the long term. Is there something you could do to make a start towards them today? I bet there is.
  4. Write down the little actions you can take for the next three days and then start. Any step forward is better than no step at all. Don’t put off what is easy to do, as the pain of not making any progress often ends up worse than the pain to begin making progress.

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