30 days to reaching your potential day 23: Show some gratitude

Setting goals and having ambitions is ideal for reaching your potential. However, if you are like me then you often look forward and forget to look back on the odd occasion and consider just how far you have come. Being grateful for your previous results and current position in life can be a tremendous thing.

Showing gratitude can be a very powerful thing. It helps us to feel content where we are and to reduce our desires for more which can at times become overpowering and consume a lot of our time and energy. Spending a little time each day being thankful can have dramatic results.

Take a few minutes today to show some gratitude. Pray and give thanks or write down your gratitude in your journal. If you have someone that you are grateful for then thank them. This simple but powerful technique can really help you to accept yourself and be glad for what you have accomplished.

  1. Take some time and show some gratitude (either to God, to yourself or to a loved one) for where you currently are.

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