3 – Offline

We are in a world that is increasingly online. More and more activity. One quote you often hear without a source is that most people receive more information in one day now than people received in a lifetime 100 years ago. That is definitely false, but it is a good cause for reflection.

Recent information says that people on average spend 3 hours and 15 minutes per day on their iPhones. That is just under 23 hours per week. At that point, you are not using technology, you are allowing yourself to be used by technology.

Try to go one day per week without phones or Internet. Turn them off. Things can wait one day. If they can’t, people will find an alternative way to reach you, or will find an alternative to you. This is a small cost to pay to get 3+ hours of your week back to focus on other things, like family, friends, reading, resting, thinking without distraction.