10 skills I learned while studying that have helped me in life

Although study may seem like an annoying, boring and/or painful process, their are a lot of like skills that can be obtained through a tertiary (or trade) education. 

These skills can greatly impact your results in life.

When I first started studying several years ago I remember thinking I knew it all and that nothing could overcome me.

Since then I’ve have learned a number of skills (including humility) which have gone on to serve me in all aspects of life.

As a result, I have learned the following ten skills I have learned while studying:
1. Don’t be afraid to be wrong: Many people in life often are afraid to speak up in case what they say is wrong. What is the worst that could happen if you are wrong? Chances are you will have an opportunity to learn something new and to grow, while also being seen as someone willing to try and ‘have a go’ at tasks, problems and new situations.
2. Time Management: I am continuing to improve the management of my time daily. Initially I was disorganised, had no idea what I was doing, and felt totally overwhelmed. By learning to manage multiple projects, deadlines and objectives, I have been able to increase my productivity and success for different priorities.
3. Persistence: Have you ever felt like dropping out and letting something you want go? How hard are you willing to work for your dreams? Sometimes we feel like giving up, but persisting is worth it.
4. Presentation: The ability to present both yourself and your work effectively is a vital skill to lifelong success. How you present yourself alters others’ opinions of you dramatically, and can greatly improve your chances of success.
5. Communication skills: Being able to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas across to a mass audience is important for success. Communications skills help when trying to obtain employment later on in life. Communication is not all verbal, and can take into account presentation also.
6. Leadership: Team work can to be a frustrating experience for a typical university student. Have you ever worked in a team environment before? Establishing yourself as a leader can greatly improve your earning potential when leaving studies.
7. Review: Following the old proverbial wisdom of ‘measure twice and cut once’, double checking work before submission can greatly improve your results and help[ provide additional clarity to work that might have been otherwise average on the first draft.
8. Budget: While not directly a university skill, budgeting is an essential skill for a tertiary student to master. Having money to pay bills, go out with friends, pay for books, save, etc. all require a tight budget when on a limited income.
9: Patience: Sometimes tasks (and people) can be quite frustrating. It is during times of frustration that we all tend to fly off the handle and say or do things we regret later . Learning patience is a life long skill. Mastering the ability to be patient can ensure you have more harmonious relationships and positive results.
10: Project Management: Many of us start a project gun-ho without a plan for completion. You see this in small businesses all the time, whereby an entrepreneur will start a business without a plan for execution and an exit strategy. Project management is becoming a more important skill in personal life, as well as within a commercial context.

If you have undertaken study post high-school I would highly recommend you reflect on the time you invested. 

Think about what you have learned, but not just from classes. 

Try and reflect on the life long lessons that you have learned while there which have continued to serve you in your working life. 

Also try and find skills that you should have learned, but may not have applied as of yet.

How have these skills affected where your life is today? 

How could you further improve your life by applying additional life skills you observe?


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