“For six days you shall labour and do all your work.”

I memorised The Ten Commandments years ago. Recently however one thing has been on my mind more than other things.

Most people emphasise the commandment of God to ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.’ There is however, a second part to the commandment that we often overlook in the Western World; “For six days you shall labour and do all your work.” As I have watched some of my generation and those underneath me, I have realised that many of them work six or even seven days. Yet, the standard work week for most is five days.

How many family financial problems could be solved by the man of the house going to work one extra day per week? For my part, I have endeavoured to start spending my time on Saturdays by investing into my health through personal training, into my learning by continuing with a coaching course I signed up for, by working on my blog, my business, my veggie patch and my career. I’ve also contemplated returning to some volunteer work.

Not all work needs to pay straight away. In fact, not all work even needs to be for yourself. But, there is a commandment to work. And it makes sense to spend that extra day per week generating a return.

Think about it – if the average person works five days per week and you work six – you are fulfilling the commandment of God. Nothing but blessing can come from that. And, with penalty rates in a lot of industries, there is usually much more benefit from working on a Saturday – enough to cover your Sunday off. Lastly, you will likely be making 20-30%+ over others who only work five days per week.

If you’re struggling financially at this time, perhaps picking up some extra work, or investing your Saturdays into developing your skills is one way to improve the situation. It may even help to diversify your income by working in a difference business or industry, so as to ensure that you are spreading your risks. That way, if you lose your five day per week job, you won’t be entirely out of money.